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Have a Research Paper to Write But Cant Find a Good Topic – Words 462

A common problem most students encounter is, not knowing what topic to write their research paper on. The topic of a paper can mean the difference between a C and an A grade. When picking a topic there are a few factors you should consider:

1) Make sure your topic is specific

The one thing that professors really hate to do is to read a research paper about a broad and vague topic. This usually indicates that you have not put much thought or effort into your assignment. A vague topic fails to capture the interest of your professor, usually because there are so many parts compiled into one document. For example, if you had to sit through a lecture that has the topic The World, and sit through another lecture that has the topic The efficient operations of China; which one do you think is most likely to put you to sleep? Yes, a lecture on The World!
Yes China may not be the most exciting topic, but because it is narrow and specific you are more likely to pay attention and take in more information rather than listening to someone speaking about the entire world. So remember the C.S.C rule:

– Clear
– Specific
– Creative

2) Choose a subject that interests you

Its important to choose a topic that genuinely interests you. This will make writing the paper much more fun and enjoyable. Even if you choose a topic you know absolutely nothing about, the fact that you are intrigued by it will motivate you to learn more about the subject. Your level of interest definitely will show in your writing. Elaborate explanations of the subject in your paper is usually a sign of true interest. A student who is not interested in the topic will merely write a research paper vague descriptions with little insight into the subject shown. The professor can detect this and may even give you a lower grade simply because they can see your lack of interest in the assignment.

3) Try to educate your professor on a certain subject

Though professors have the occupation of teaching, they also want to learn new things from their students. Choosing a subject that is not widely popular or is a niche, can help boost your paper in a big way. Aim to educate your professor on something they do not know about. This rule is extremely important for presentations or group projects. If you can teach your classmates or teachers something new and interesting, you will receive tons of kudos. Every time they think of that certain subject, they will remember where they learn it from; and for teachers, having their students teach them something new is a huge credential toward the pupil.

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